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Do you want a website that you can maintain easily from any Internet connected computer... with no special software required?

The aim of is to provide the online Content Management System and Editing tools needed to enable you to simply and effectively author and maintain your own small to medium web site using a web browser with only a basic knowledge of HTML.

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I agree that my use of the domain is for my personal and/or business use and I accept full responsibility for any action performed whilst having access to that domain. I further agree to promptly pay any relevant fees for service when they are due.

I acknowledge that my passwords and signature file have the same legal implications as my signature being applied to a legal document.

I agree to notify immediately if I suspect or have knowledge that any other person or persons have gained access to or are using or have access to my details for utilising the services of

I agree to be held completely responsible for the data I have stored on the computer system and network, and I accept full responsibility any data I transfer or cause to be transferred over the network. I absolve the without reservation from any legal responsibility for that data.

The administration shall not be liable for, say for example, a loss of privacy or any other situation that shall arise in regard to myself or my property through my use of and/or the services provided thereon, nor for any or all consequential losses or damages. administration reserves the right to act in any appropriate manner, where there are grounds for believing that malicious, unacceptable or illegal use of the computer system or network is occurring.


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